Decision making processes

Decision making processesEver heard of decision making processes? They are somehow or the other related with problem solving techniques. People take decisions almost every day of their life. Whether the decision is big or small, important or unimportant, instant or late; it doesn’t matter as far as you are making a decision. These processes are part of one’s life and one can not in any circumstance run away from it.

The decision making processes might involve techniques that might change the scenario or plans of the decision makers. It is crucial for these people to check out which process is used for which decision. They have different process for different department. For sales it will be different and for marketing it will be different. Decisions are mainly based on the problems that arise in a certain context. Since sales and marketing are related somehow but different in context it is understandable that the problems for both will be either related or entirely different. Hence, the processes will be different too.

The decisions can be made by individuals or by a group discussion with voting done on it. If you are a planning on some processes for decisions then the basic thing for every decision making processes are to check the goal with which the problem has arisen. Then the data is collected with regard to it followed by coming up with the alternatives. Then analyzing of the pros and cons of each alternative is taken into consideration. Then the decision is made in the favor of the alternative having more pros rather than cons with an action implemented immediately afterwards. These are the basic steps in all the decision making processes to ensure that the outcome is as expected or better.

While following the decision making processes any person who is indulged in it should always make sure that there are no biases on his part. This might affect the decision making and if voted wrongly the outcome might be bad. There are certain models for decision making processes which help people in taking a better decision if they are not good at it. The Vroom-Yetton-Jago Decision Model shows how to decide, OODA loops helps in understanding the decision cycle and The Kepner Tregoe Matrix which helps in making unbiased decisions. These are very must study models for people who are into decision making processes every minute of their lives.

But the above said models are not helpful for people who have small businesses of their own. They are the owners and they are decision makers. They have to think on their feet and at that time the decision making processes are less accounted for. Besides, the study of these processes might help in making the decisions precisely and much better than before. The corporate decision makers form the flow charts when they start these processes so as to understand the problem better. These flow charts are easy to understand and help in forming the decisions easily. Thus, the decision making processes are important and have their own place in the current scenario to understand the decisions made better.

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