How to write a good Business plan

How to write a good Business planIn order to understand how to write a good business plan following points should be kept in mind:

Point 1: Purpose of business plan: You must determine whether you are:

 An entrepreneur who needs start-up capital?

 Expanding your business that needs business plan to provide a course of action or evaluate a new product?
 An organizational leader who needs a clearly defined business strategy for your company?

 A consultant who needs to develop a marketing component?

Point 2: Target your audience so as to determine clearly how to write a good business plan
Once a purpose is established you should determine the target audience. Begin by deciding whether this document will be used externally, internally or both.

Point 3: Audience specific plan: Creditors and investors:

 What does funders look for? A financial history is important to creditors. Investors would like to see knowledge, experience and ability of the management.
Internal Audience (leadership)

 Clearly outline business strategy and show how the business will be successful.
In case of mixed audience a combination of both elements will be necessary.

Step 4: Standardization & Components will be easy after learning how to write a good business plan

 Executive summary: It will be the first document to be read and should emphasize why this plan should be supported and the strength of the plan and its outcome.

 Summary of company’s objectives: This should contain company’s long-term and short-term goals.

 Company description: Describe your business viz. manufacturing, retail, service-oriented. Also describe its legal form, such as a sole proprietorship, etc.

 Market analysis and marketing plan: The analysis should include market growth potential and how the company will increase its market share.

 Management team description: It should include organizational chart, resumes and biographies of key management staff.

 Financial analysis and plan: This section must show commitment to the financial success of this venture.
 Operations plan: The operations and management plan is designed to describe how the business functions on a continuing basis.

 Appendices: This will include charts, graphs, worksheets, etc.
Following are the KEY to learn how to write a good business plan:

 Devote necessary time to learn how to write a good business plan. It must be a clear, concise and usable plan.

 The feel: use the text to convince and excite your audience and use the supporting documents and graphs to prove the success of the business plan.

 Development: Research for the appropriate information. This will be worth to learn how to write a good business plan.

 Devote the appropriate time: No one knows the company better than you and you can successfully show this if you learn how to write a good business plan.

 Implementation: A good business plan is practical and contains simple, specific, clear and realistic elements.

 Use general management principles and processes to define strategy and to set realistic and measurable goals.

 Results: Make a practical and implementable plan by focusing on all details of the entire process.
If you learn well that how to write a good business plan you certainly can be successful in implementation of strategy and raise fund for your upcoming business.

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