Operational plans

Operational plansOperational plans are a subset of strategic work plan. It will explain to the reader how one can plan to get his product and service out to the market. It explain short term ways for achieving the desired goals and it also clears that how much portion of the strategic plan must be put into the action during a given operational period. It is always prepared by those people who are involved in the implementation.

Operational plans are both the starting and the ending step in preparing the operating budget request. In the first step they provide a strategy for resource allocation and finally modify to reflect policy decisions or money changes which are made during the budget development processes. Operational plans should be very simple and should contain contents like clear objects, activities to be delivered, and quality standards and desired outcomes. Operational plans in a business plan tell us how the work will be completed, the flow of work from input to output result including the machine which is used. It is the part of the marketing section of the business plan. It should establish the activities and budgets for each part of the organization for the net year.

Operational plans draws directly from agency and program strategic plan to give the description of the firm and program missions and their targets and program objective and activities. Operational plans have the following four questions:
Where are we now?
Where do we want to be?
How will we get there?
How will we calculate our progress?

It is the basis for an annual reporting budget request. Therefore a five year strategic plan will need operational plans funded by five operating budgets. There is mostly a requirement for significant cross departments as there can be certain problems with the other part of the firm. It should be in such a way that it can record the progress. There should be proper staffing and resources available. The plan should be drafted in such a way that it should present the quality standards and the expected outcome of the firms.

Operational plans should be specific to your business. Not all business requires the same level of complexity when it comes to the business plan. On the other hand, if your business is an operation that develops or relies on new technology there will be altogether a new plan will be implemented. They link the strategic plan with the activities the organization will deliver and the resources required to deliver them. Basically, by such a plan we want to highlight that how our product is going to be delivered. How you are going to employ your workers and from time to time what new changes you are going to implement to increase your productivity.

Some issues often addressed in the operational plans include production or manufacturing, facilities or inventory and distribution. Maintenance and other services, order fulfillment and customer services are some of the other important topics covered in the plan. That is why they are so significant.

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